Christian Jewelry For Women


Christian Jewelry for Women, Men, and the Rest of the Family

Do you love to wear Christian jewelry? Women generally have more jewelry than the rest of the family and I know my Christian crosses are my most favorite pieces of  Christian jewelry for women that I have. 

When wearing Christian jewelry especially for women the Christian cross is very special to us. We remember what Jesus did for us. The cross is a symbol used all over the world. 


Cross Rosary Box

Wooden CrossWhether we wear a cross on a necklace or a bracelet with a cross, even a box with  cross on it the main thing is Christians think of Jesus when using any of these items.

Here is just a quick video explaining Christianity! It is only 2 1/2 minutes long! I hope you enjoy it. If you want skip the video, then jewelry for women and the rest of the family starts below the video or any of the tabs above. I just want you to enjoy your visit here and please leave a comment. 



Don’t you just love jewelry? Women, men, children, no matter what age or height, weight, or background, we all love jewelry. I especially love what I call Christian Jewelry for women. It is just very precious to me. I love my cross necklaces, and I love my cross earrings, and I just think that the jewelry handed down from our mother or grandparents is so very special too!

 Three Christian Women
Mother to Daughter to Granddaughter. Jewelry is very special to women.  Memories are made through jewelry.  I especially love my christian jewelry for women. I have my grandmother’s rosary beads. My mother gave the necklace to me. I also have some tiny little cross earrings that my mother had given me that she wore. This jewelry is so very precious to me! Beautiful Christian crosses and tiny cross earrings.

When a person wears religious jewelry like the cross, rings, or Christian  bracelets it is our way of sharing Christ. This is very powerful and effective.  Especially when wearing the cross. In the Bible Jesus commands all the believers to go into all the world and tell other people about the good news. In wearing our religious jewelry we demonstrate our faith. We are letting people know that by wearing Christian jewelry we follow our Christian faith. There are many people throughout the world that use symbols in their religions. 


Gold Jewelry is a favorite for a lot of women whether it is white gold or yellow gold. There are many crosses and other jewelry made out of both golds. There are many Christian products made out of gold.

14k Yellow Gold Cross Crucifix Pendant Charm Plain

14k Gold Cross

Here is a variety of  Gold Crosses with different jewels. Just click on one and you can find out more information about it. 

14k Gold CrossCrossCross

 For more crosses here on my website >>> Crosses <<<

If you would like to see more gold christian jewelry crosses and other christian products then visit:


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I know we all like to take care of our religious jewelry. Sometimes it does get dirty or sticky and sometimes just need polishing. I have more information above in the jewelry cleaning tab concerning the cleaning, polishing and care of your jewelry. If we have bought our jewelry or if it was given to us then we want to take care of it. I hope that this video does give you some helpful information on cleaning your jewelry. 


Sterling silver jewelry is of course a favorite too for women and anyone else. Silver jewelry goes well with all sorts apparel. Sterling silver jewelry seems to be the most popular. Where I live we use a lot of turquoise, mother of pearl, and many other stones in our sterling silver jewelry. I have here some examples of sterling silver. You can click on any of them and it will take you to many more Christian Silver Crosses!


For other  Sterling silver jewelry for women and other silver jewelry products visit:

>>> Christian Sterling Silver Jewelry <<<




Religious Jewelry For Men

Christian Men

This initially was going to be a website for women’s jewelry, but I know that sometimes women like to pick out the jewelry for the men in their life.  Men also wear religious jewelry and they do hand down certain items to their sons. These are usually special items that they once wore or inherited. Men will usually have a watch given to them that was once their father’s father watch. I wonder if how many of those round ones that look like a stop watch are still around? 

I know that there are a lot of men that also wear earrings. Now these are usually just the stud type. It used to be that they were just worn in one earlobe. Not anymore. Men can and do wear jewelry in both earlobes.  Also, some of the younger men now are also getting their tongues, navels, noses, and many other areas pierced! There is beginning a new trend both in men and women for facial jewelry. 



Men’s 14k Yellow Gold Solid Large Polished Cross with Rope Chain Necklace, 20″


14k Gold Cross

14k Gold Cross


The elegant Men’s 14k Yellow Gold Solid Large Polished Cross with Rope Chain Necklace is a simple yet chic way to proclaim your faith.

The cross-shaped pendant is made from 14k gold with a shiny polish. The solid pendant dangles from a rope chain that’s 20 inches long and perfect for tucking underneath your shirt and collar. The spring ring clasp keeps the chain securely around your neck so you don’t have to take it off when you’re playing sports or taking a shower. This necklace makes a great gift for a loved one and comes with a soft, cloth pouch for safekeeping.


The Vatican Library Collection Men’s Gold-Tone Jerusalem Cross Cufflinks

Cross Cufflinks

Cross Cufflinks

The Vatican Library Collection Gold-Tone Jerusalem Cross Cufflinks accent your suit with a dazzling design rich in storied history. Measuring 3/4 of an inch across, these gold-tone cufflinks feature the Jerusalem cross, which is comprised of one large Greek cross surrounded by four smaller crosses on each of its corners.

This design is also called the Crusader’s cross, as it was used by Pope Urban II on the papal banners given to the first crusaders. Hundreds of years later the design is no less stunning, whether flying on a banner or adorning your sharp business attire.


Men’s Sterling Silver Solid Tubular Crucifix Cross Pendant Necklace , 24″

Sterling Silver Cross

Sterling Silver Cross

Classic in design, the Men’s Sterling Silver Solid Tubular Crucifix Cross Pendant is the perfect accessory for any style. Resting on a 24″ stainless steel curb chain is the classic crucifix depiction in silver.

The cross creates a total pendant size of 1.75″ by .9″. This small size makes the pendant appropriate for all occasions.


There is a tab in the menu if you would like to check out some jewelry for the man in your life. If you would like to check out more men’s religious jewelry and other men’s religious products then visit:


 >>>Men’s Christian Jewelry <<<———

Below I have put a mixture of crosses and other Christian jewelry items. If you want to look for something specific for that special person in your life then click on any of the menu tabs and there are many more exciting jewelry and other items there.


Sterling Silver Heart with Cross and Enameled Rose Women’s Religious Jewelry Religious Heart Jewelry w/Chain 18″ Length

Heart with Cross

Heart with Cross

  • Heart Size: 1/2″ Length
  • Chain Size: 18″ Length



Geneva Platinum 9049 Women’s Religious Cross Charm Bracelet Watch- 2Tone

Cross Charm Bracelet————————————
  • Stainless Steel
  • 10.5 inches
  • 2 tone, Silver, Quartz

Armor of God Shield with Cross Necklace


Cross Necklace

Cross Necklace

  • Pewter
  • Engraved Cross
  • 21″ Ball Chain
  • 1.25″ Pendant

Pewter shield pendant with engraved cross inset is inscribed on the reverse with encouraging Scripture Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. Ephesians 6:10. 21″ ball chain; carded; pendant measures 1.25″.

This is so cute!  You can just hang all sorts of jewelry on it.

Umbra Little Black Dress Hanging Jewelry Organizer
Jewelry Organizer


Transparent Snap-On Clear iPhone Cover Case for 4/4S iPhone -Dream Catcher Design – Height:4.5 Inches X Width: 2.5 Inches X Thickness:0.5 Inches.personalized Design Is Available with a Minimum of 20 Pcs Orders.
iPhone Case

If you would like to see some religious jewelry and other Christian products visit:


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A lot of people now wear religious jewelry and it doesn’t matter who you are. Some people wear Christian jewelry to remember what Jesus did for us on the cross. Some people just wear it because they like the way it looks.

Take time to pray on this day for all the ones you love! Have a really great day!

Best Wishes to You!



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