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For Mother’s Day or any day to celebrate your Mom!

Mother’s Day comes but once a year. It is that special time for us to show and tell our mother’s just how much we do love them. There are many different ways that we can show our mother how much we love her. It does not always have to be in the form of a gift.

Being a mother myself, I do like to have my sons give me a call and wish me a Happy Mother’s Day. If they can only wish me a happy day that is okay. I at least was thought of. If they can send me a card then even better. Now if they decide to get me a gift then anything is appreciated.

Some of our children are too young to buy Mother Day gifts. So, that is when husbands need to step in and take your child and go and pick out something for their mother for this special day. If you have no money, then have your child at least make something out of construction paper like a card. Even if the child cuts out flowers out of construction paper then that is appreciated. Truly, it is the thought that counts. My mother had 10 children and I was with her many times when she received gifts from her children and it did not matter what the gift was. She was very thankful that her children had thought about her.

So, this Mother’s day or any day really just call your mom up and tell her how much you do care and love her. 

Best Wishes To You!


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