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Christian Jewelry – Promise/Purity Rings

There are many rings that are used as promise and/or purity rings. They are used by many different ages now too. Girls and boys as young as 12 years old are making promises now to stay pure until they are married. So, whatever your choice may be whether it is gold, silver, platinum, or with our without jewels I hope you find something that you will appreciate! 

Promise Ring
Promise Purity Ring
True Love Waits Purity Ring Sterling Silver Wide Band


Purity Ring

Purity Ring
Sterling Silver Diamond Purity Ring – Size 7


Diamond Promise Ring_

Promise Ring
Diamond Promise Ring set in Sterling Silver Available in Sizes 4-10

We all have made promises in our life. Sometimes we make promises to ourself. The purity ring is a sample of this used by Christian youth to take a stand on staying a virgin until they are married. A promise ring can also be used when a couple has pledged to just be with each other and no one else.

A promise ring can be used by a nun, priest, or a seminary student in relation to their devotion to God. Some people also wear a promise ring to show their devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ. This is used to show our love and respect for what he has done for us. Many other religions might use the ring as a symbol too. I am not familiar with these though. Whatever the faith, a person can wear a promise ring to demonstrate their devotion.

Promise rings are made out of gold, silver, platinum, and some have jewels and some don’t. There are also pendants and necklaces too. It used to be that a ring was mostly used as a promise or purity ring but as times changes we have a lot of people also using necklaces or pendants. It is nice to be able to show our respect and devotion to whatever purpose the ring is for. The main thing is that it comes from the heart.

I hope you have enjoyed these promise and purity rings!

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