Christian Jewelry For Your Wife

  • Posted on November 3, 2012 at 1:47 pm

Men know that women love to wear jewelry. Women pick out their jewelry just like they do their clothes. Very carefully matching the jewelry just right. Our clothes match and our jewelry matches our clothes. Jewelry is great for a woman for any occasion. Age if of no concern women of all ages love jewelry.

Our Christian jewelry is very important to a woman because of the connection to Jesus that we place on it. Our cross reminds us of our love and devotion to God. Women love anything from a simple cross or the crucifix. There are some crosses that now have gemstones in them. You can now choose different lengths for the chain. If she has longer chains then you might want to get her one with a smaller chain. A lot of women like the layered look. She can wear a small gold chain that has nothing on it, and then also wear a longer chain that has a beautiful cross on it.

Another Christian jewelry item would be cross earrings. There are many sets of earrings with crosses from small studs to hanging crosses. If you don’t know if she has pierced ears or not then you might want to check that.

There are some Christian bracelets with crosses that are embeded in the bracelet and there are many other bracelets that have a Christian symbol on them too. Bracelets may contain a religious message engraved in them. There are some bracelets that have Christian charms made out of Christian symbols.

Why is Christian jewelry for your wife so very special? Christian jewelry is generally handed down from mother to daughter. Jewelry in general is one of he most handed down items around.

Christian jewelry reminds women of the love Jesus had for us as women.

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