Do You Have a Tomorrow?

  • Posted on December 2, 2012 at 7:09 am

We don’t know for sure if we have a tomorrow or not. That is not a guarantee. There are many people that die each and every day.

Proverbs 27:1   “Do no boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring.”

Everyday is a blessing from God. Each and every day is a special gift from God. Today if  you look for it you will notice that you are being blessed by God. He has gone ahead of you and has set up the right opportunities and the right connections that you need. God has already ordered blessings for you!

The food you eat is a blessing. The water you drink is a blessing. The sunshine that comes from our sun is a blessing from God. If you woke up today with enough food to eat, water to drink, clothes to wear, then you have been blessed because there is a lot of people in this world that don’t have that at all. God is blessing you every day!

We don’t know if we have tomorrow for sure. You can be broken down and defeated and your life will stay that way. Or, you can live each moment with love, life, laughter, and blessings!

See all your opportunities that come along as a gift from God. Change your words. Instead of saying, “I have to wash the car today,” to “I get to wash the car today.” Some people don’t have a car to wash. Instead of saying “I have to take care of my parent today,” say “I have the honor and privilege of taking care of my parent today.” When you count your blessings you will notice that God will multiply your blessings for the rest of you life.

If you are having a problem in your life ask God to strengthen you with His joy and ask Him to fill you with His peace.

Keep your mind focused on Jesus. All will be okay.


May God Bless You!




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