Cleaning Your Jewelry

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Sometimes people use all sorts of different chemicals to clean their jewelry. Also, it depends on what type of jewelry it is, whether gold, silver, or the grade of the jewelry. I am going to put different videos and articles here that I think would benefit us on taking care of our jewelry.

This video is from a very experienced lady. The video is only a couple of minutes long and the cleaning part comes in the middle. I just love her accent. 


Her way of cleaning was with ammonia and some dish liquid in the jewelry tub. She seems to know what she is doing. She has been doing it for quite awhile. 


 With this video he is cleaning turquoise and silver jewelry. Silver to me is always the hardest to clean. Let’s see what he has to say about taking care of your jewelry. 

He really does a good job of explaining how to clean turquoise and silver jewelry. I hope this has been a benefit to you. Right now I am in the process of finding more videos or articles and I will be adding more. I hope you have enjoyed these. 

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