Christian Symbols

Some Christian Symbols and What They Mean

Hello there! I thought I would explore a few Christian symbols and share them with you. I will be listing some here and also my articles. Thanks for stopping by to my website.



This one is the most popular. This symbol is of the crucifixion. This was the great price that Jesus paid for our salvation. My salvation, your salvation, and everyone else too! This cross symbol also represents hope, sacrifice, and of course love.


Alpha and Omega

“I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God, “who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty.” The early Christian used the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet to signify the expression of God’s absolute perfection. Alpha (α or Α)  Omega (ω or Ω), are the first and the last letters of the Greek alphabet and are an appellation of Christ or God in the book of Revelation. These couple of letters are used as Christian symbols and are often combined with the Cross and other Christian Symbols.


This is amusic video by the Gaither Vocal Band. The song will explain Alpha and Omega!



The anchor ranks most ancient of Christian symbols found in the catacombs relating to the virtue of hope and of salvation and holding secure in faith!



In Latin it is angelus; In Greek aggelos; from the Hebrew for “one going” or “one sent”; a messenger. An angel is also a supernatural being or spirt found in various religions. In Abrahamic religions they are seen as servants of God and also celestial beings who act as intermediaries between Heaven and Earth.



Victory! Yes the banner is one of the symbols for victory. It symbolizes Christ’s victory over sin and death when born by the lamb. In the Old Testament (Isaiah 13:2) KJV.  Isaiah was commanded to raise a banner and exalt his voice. There are more scriptures for banners. In the past Banners were mainly used for processions both outside and inside the buildings. Now, in recent years Banners are used mainly for processions, both inside and outside of the church building.  Banners now are more of a permanent or a display on walls and pillars of churches and other places of worship.



Bells symbolize the joyful sending forth of the Good News and the Word. Bells have been used for many different reason in Churches. They are used to call people to worship and to pray, also the bells are sometimes rung when someone gets married.


When you think of a Dove then think of the Holy Spirit. Peace, purity, and innocence is symbolized by the dove.


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