Unto Us A Child Is Born

This is one of the best videos I have seen in a long time. You will just love the music and the way Jesus is depicted here. I hope you enjoy this video. It is about 4 1/2 minutes long. 

“This Baby”: Steven Curtis Chapman 

(Isaiah 9:6)NIV

For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.


(Isaiah 9:6) King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)

For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

 In these translations you will see that they either use “Unto Us” or “For Us.” Either translation means the same thing. The “unto us” is the one I will use and it means this –  “unto us” is you it is me and it is meant for everyone. That included everybody. That cannot leave anyone out.

Jesus is our wonderful counselor. That means I turn to Jesus for my counseling. I will find out through Him what to do. He is the Mighty God! Jesus is the one I worship! He is my God! I have an earthly father but Jesus is the “Everlasting Father.” And peace. Jesus is my Prince of Peace. If I need  peace I know where to go.

There is victory in Jesus. There is a song called “Victory in Jesus” and it mentions how Jesus is our savior forever! When Jesus came to this earth He brought with Him everything that you need to live your life of victory. Jesus came as a baby born through the Virgin Mary. He was empowered  with all authority in heaven and on this earth. Do you know how to get these resources? Just make Jesus your Lord and Savior. When you do this you will have access to His power, joy, strength, provision, and His peace. Don’t we all need peace at times in our life?

Let’s look at the verse and think about “Unto US” part.

  • A child is born. Unto Us. That means to all of us. You, me, and all who accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior. “For unto us a child is born.”

  • Unto us victory is given. That means victory over our life struggles.

  • Unto us peace is given. There is a peace that only Jesus can give you. When you have it there is no feeling like that.

  • Unto us provision is given. Provision is all your needs. Through Jesus these needs are met.

  • Unto us is  hope, healing, and eternal life all are given. All through Jesus.

Jesus came to this world as a baby. He grew into a man. When  He came he brought with Him everything that you will need in your life to live a life of victory. What are your needs today? When you make Jesus your Lord and Savior your needs will be met. This means all of your needs: spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Wouldn’t you just love to have all of these spiritual blessings?

When Jesus came to earth, He brought with Him everything you need to live a life of victory in Jesus. He came as a little baby, but He was empowered with all authority in heaven and earth. When you make Him your Lord and Savior, He gives you access to all of His resources. You have access to His peace, power, authority, provision, joy and strength. He brought all of this “unto us”  and for us when He came to earth. Unto us a child is born…unto us victory is given. Unto us peace is given. Unto us provision is given. Unto us hope and healing are given. Unto us eternal life is given!

Whatever you may have need of today, remember, when Jesus came into the world He made a way for every one of your needs to be met spiritually, emotionally and physically. Surrender your life to Him and receive all the spiritual blessings He has in store for you!

Jesus gives his love freely to all who call upon the name of the Lord!

This is a prayer that you may want to say to bring Jesus into your life and feel it in your heart.

Jesus, I accept you as my Lord and Savior. I know that you died on the cross for my sins. I know that you rose 3 days later. I ask for forgiveness of my sins and ask you to come into my heart and into my life. I thank you Jesus. Amen.

Let me know if you have accepted Jesus as your Savior.

Best Wishes to You

God Bless You!




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